At Tattoo UK, we stock a large amount of body jewellery  in a variety of sizes and designs. If for any reason we do not have the particular piece of jewellery that you are looking for, we will do our best to seek it out! Not everybody requires the same size jewellery, therefore each piece should be individually measured to ensure the best and most comfortable fit. The only cost incurred in fitting, is the price of the jewellery itself. We will also happily fit a client’s own jewellery at no extra cost. We cannot stress enough that you should always seek the advice of a professional when it comes to your piercing. At Tattoo UK, we have the most knowledgeable piercers in the industry, ensuring a professional service each time. We also provide after care on your piercing and offer free advice even if pierced in a different establishment.

At Tattoo UK we only stock the highest quality of jewellery! We will never place cheap material in any of our piercings, thus reducing the risk of rejection or irritation in the healing process.

If you are unsure about any of the piercing process, for example, where you want the piercing placed or the method involved, please pop down for free advice. Although piercings are alot more main stream now, it is always better to seek the advice from a professional rather than your mate down the pub! Here at Tattoo UK, we recognise that everyone is unique, especially when it comes to anatomy and would rather you get the best experience with your piercing.

The majority of new body jewellery is not supplied sterile, especially when bought straight out a cabinet or a stall. The majority of the jewellery stocked by ourselves is pre-sterilised. In addition, we can guarantee the quality of the grade of our jewellery and reserve the right to refuse to pierce with a clients own jewellery. This is purely to ensure your safety!

(Please bear in mind that titanium is a more expensive material; it is also advisable to use titanium if you have had an allergic reaction to jewellery in the past)