Body Piercing

Ear lobe £15
Top Ear £20
Nose £20
Tragus £40
Conch £40
Rook £40
Forward Helix £40
Tongue £40
Nipple £40
Eyebrow £40
Labret £40
Navel £45 with jewelled banana bar
Surface £45
Septum £45
Earl/Bridge £45
Smiley £45

Male Genitals

Prince Albert/Reverse £75
Foreskin £55
Guiche £55
Frenum £55

Female Genitals

Clitoris Hood £55
Inner/Outer Labia £55
These are our most common piercing’s.
If you require anything that is not on our list please just ask for prices.

Tattoo Prices

For all tattoo prices it is advised to pop down to one of the studio’s, this is to ensure a accurate quote. It is near on impossible to give a good quote over the phone, almost like asking a car dealer how much a car is, it all varies. We try to give you a set price as much as possible. although bigger work is normally set at a hourly rate. If you are in need of a price please come down to one of our shop’s, if you can bring a rough idea of what you want with you it will help. We are more than happy to help and even design your tattoo, but we can’t pick it for you, so design idea’s help us greatly.