Christmas opening hours

November 20th, 2011

Here is our opening times for all three shops over the Christmas period. Please bare in mind not all the Artists are working over this time due to family commitments.  Sorry for any  inconvenience this may cause

sun 23rd Dec All shops open as usual

Xmas Eve All shops shut

Xmas Day All shops Shut

Boxing Day All shops shut

Thurs 27th Dec Rayners lane open. Uxbridge. & Twickenham shut

Fri 28th Dec Rayners Lane  &  Twickenham Open. Uxbridge Shut

Sat 29th Dec Rayners lane & Twickenham Open. Uxbridge shut

Sun 30th Dec Rayners Lane open. Uxbridge & Twickenham Shut

Mon 31st Dec All Shops shut

Tues 1st Jan All shops shut

Wed 2nd Jan All shops shut

Thurs 3rd Jan Rayners Lane &  Twickenham  open. Uxbridge shut

Fri 4th Jan Rayners Lane &  Twickenham  open. Uxbridge shut

Sat 5th Jan Rayners Lane & Twickenham open, Uxbridge shut

Sun 6th Jan Rayners lane & Twickenham open, Uxbridge shut

mon 7th Jan All shops open as usual

London tattoo convention.

September 19th, 2011

All 3 shop’s will be closed for the day on Sunday 25th Sept.  This is due to the London Tattoo Convention.

We will all be back open again as usual on Monday 26th Sept.

Link for the show if interested is here.

All shop’s now open

August 15th, 2011

All 3 shop’s are open now and have been since the 24th. There has been a little confusion that maybe one shop has shut down to make way for the Twickenham shop, this is not the case. Twickenham and Uxbridge are open as usual 6 days a week, being shut on a wednesday. Rayner’s lane is still operating 7 day’s a week.

If your unsure please have a look through the website, or phone the shop beforehand.

Twickenham Shop

July 7th, 2011

Our new Twickenham shop will now be open on the 23rd of July, if your in the area feel free to pop in. The Uxbridge shop will be shut on 23rd and back open as usual on the 24th, but Rayners Lane will be open as usual throughout the weekend.

Staff wise there will be a complete mix around, the main difference’s are Matt, Tuesday and Terry moving around. Klarisa will be based in Uxbridge full time, rather than a few days a week. Tuesday will be based in Rayners Lane full time, And Matt and Terry will be based full time in the new Twickenham branch. If your unsure you can always phone one of the shop’s for information.


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