Laser Tattoo Removal

Here at Tattoo Uk we have been performing laser removal for over  10 years.

Laser removal is considered to be the safest way to remove your unwanted ink. The laser works by passing a high powered focused light source over the tattoo, which breaks down small particles of pigment, so your body can carry it away safely over the next few weeks.

One session of laser removal is pretty quick. A Tattoo that normally takes 1 hour to put on, will roughly take 5 minutes to pass over with the laser. You can have 1 session of laser treatment every 4-6 weeks. Removal can take between 6-15 sessions depending on  your immune system, blood flow, quality of the tattoo and ink used. We can only estimate how many sessions you will need, as everyone is different. Some colours are harder than others to remove so it can exceed 15 sessions.

We can help to remove that unwanted ex’s name, that unwanted underage tattoo, the one your ‘mate’ did or simply one that’s now in the way.


We at Tattoo Uk are dedicated to not only designing your future, but erasing your past.