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I have been working at Tattoo uk now for some time, joining the crew back when we only had the Rayner’s lane shop, after seeing a advert for a artist. After getting the job a few year’s later Uxbridge became the next chapter. This became the newest shop and my step up to shop manager. There was alot of planning and alot of work involved. Uxbridge soon built up a reputation like Rayner’s lane for a good, morally grounded Tattoo/piercing shop. Working as Alan has constantly installed in us, with moral’s like ‘we work up to a standard, not down to a price’. Fast forward about 4 year’s and the need to expand was on us again, after alot of looking and a few downfall’s we decided on Twickenham. With each shop exceding the last, Twickenham is the biggest shop with all mod con’s and a really good feel to it. Jumping from Uxbridge to Twickenham to run the newest shop, but this time working with Terry again after about 5 years. The shop has had nothing but compliment’s and we have put all we can in to it. I personally have been tattooing since about 2003, after a rocky start to get into it all. I had first wanted to get into it all at about 14, however careers advice didn’t approve a great deal about it all. Thinking it would be easy to get into i walked out my job at 16, setting out to be a Tattooist. I finally got a break a few year’s later, and had turned down a few in the process. Tattoo wise i don’t have a particular style i prefer. I enjoy doing all aspect’s of tattooing and try not to fall to a particular style, although i enjoy writing. Writing’s taken for granted, we use it daily, therefore when you see a good piece it stand’s out. Likewise one little thing wrong and it will stand out, hence a good challenge with each tattoo.  I still love tattooing and don’t want to get stuck, i feel if i do my own style i will. If i’m doing black and grey time and time again, i would want a bit of colour work. This is the advantage of covering everything and above all tattooing what you the customer wants, rather than what i want to do.


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Hi I’m Dale I’ve been working for tattoo UK since early 2015 after Moving from another studio in north london. Before getting into tattooing I spent three years studying to be a video game design (specifically character and environment artist) which I think has had a big influence on the way I have developed my work, although I really enjoy every tattoo I do as they all pose their own challenges my preferred style is illustrative/newschool stuff either in color or black and grey.

I really like telling a story with my tattoos whether it be a noodleing possum or disappointed penguin so if you have a fun idea that you would like making into an awesome tattoo then look no further.



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