Artist Profile

At Tattoo UK, we understand that your tattoo is exactly that, “yours”. Whether you decide on a design from our collection or chose our custom service, we pride ourselves on providing our client’s with a piece of artwork. We offer consultations on a no obligation basis, where you can discuss designs and ideas in a relaxed environment with any of our artist’s.

If bringing in your own design, it’s important to be mindful that not every picture can be transferred directly to skin. Your design may need to be redrawn, for example, lines may need to bigger etc. We want our customers to be happy and we will always strive to keep to the original as much as possible. We work for our love of the industry, not money and we are not afraid to turn the work away if it is not deemed in your best interest. Our aim is to give you a tattoo that lasts; we will not tattoo you if we feel it will not hold up. As professionals, we want to ensure our work is not only to your satisfaction, but that it also upholds the quality on which our reputation is built.

Some designs are simple, some contain alot of freehand, but more complex pieces can take a lot longer. We do not charge extra for this, however we do take a non-refundable deposit. The drawing is done in our spare time outside working hours, so please try to be patient with us as we have a home life too!

We do our best to get the drawing done as quickly as we can for you, although sometimes this may take a little longer. If we draw up a design for you, we will not use your design on anyone else. For your piece of mind and to maintain our integrity, you will see us rip up the design afterwards. We will also keep your design on file and your deposit secure for 18months prior to your appointment. However, if the time lapses before the work is carried out, the deposit will then be lost.

Drawings cannot always be completed first time and may require several drafts in order to get it right. Finding an idea is down to you, as we will not be wearing your tattoo. We can offer advice but cannot choose the design for you, just as we wouldn’t tell you what to wear for the day! Don’t forget a tattoo is for life. The more reference you have, the better it is for both of us.


We have set our tattoo work out in shop order. We feel this will make it easier if you require a particular artist. If you click on the shop you require you will find a list of the artist’s with there portfolio’s underneath.